Sex and Death


It occurred to me one day that death is what makes us sexy. This principle is commonsensical, but somehow it sounds counter-intuitive when stated concisely. The simple fact that we are mortal beings who are incapable of asexual reproduction necessitates sexual attractiveness. Without a catalyst for our instinctive sex drive, we would become extinct. This occurred to me one day, and it made me laugh.

I laughed even more violently after I considered ways in which women artificially boost their attractiveness. The eyes seem to be a focal point when it comes to embellishing appearances. The area around the eyes is generally darkened, giving them a less lively, hollowed out appearance similar to the sunken eyes of a corpse, or better yet, the vacant sockets of a skull. The lips of course, are always significant. They are often hidden beneath a veneer of bright red or deep red lipstick. Red, like blood. Then makeup is applied to the rest of the face, the general effect of which is to make the face look darker, and the cheek bones more prominent. This is what I call the “party face.” It is the face a woman wears in our modern capitalist societies, when she goes out in search of a sleeping buddy.

When my fits of laughter subsided, I was confronted with a serious question. Death makes us sexy, but are we attracted to death?

The thought made me feel sick, and I didn’t laugh about anything else for a very long time.


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