An Explanation


The food is scattered everywhere. It is perceived with the eyes, manipulated with the fingers, ground by the teeth, doused by the salivary glands, and tasted by the tongue and the olfactory receptors. There is a tremendous amount of waste involved in this process. Much of the food is mishandled before it reaches the orifice called the mouth. Sometimes, tempestuous winds expel the food from the mouth in great quantities. Sometimes the food cannot be swallowed because of its repugnance. Other times, the food is involuntarily regurgitated. Once internalized beyond the reach of the regurgitating organs, the food is broken down, processed, stripped of all of its nourishing elements. Once devoid of dietary usefulness, it is compelled down dark passageways to be obligatorily cast out of the body. It cannot stay. To be held inside would be unnatural, irrational. It emerges, completely transformed, sometimes devastatingly so. Excrement. This weblog.

I am immensely sorry as I do not have a particular affinity for things scatological, but I could not resist the metaphor. I most sincerely beg your forgiveness and your readership and your comments.


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