Moving Pictures

In my attempts to ward off the insidious effects of popular culture and retain some of my uniqueness, I sometimes find myself wielding a camera. This page is the result of such excursions. My hope is that, as time goes on, these pieces will become more substantive and more original.




Living History Interpretation

One excessively wet Sunday afternoon in December, I took a soggy bike ride to this local outdoor museum. I asked some basic questions about the profession of living history interpretation, which not many people seem to know much about. All of the interpreters I interviewed were obliging and very informative. At the end of the shooting, I understood why living history interpretation is “speaking history,” both metaphorically and literally.



If it’s winter and you’re a farm animal, you pretty much just stand around all day in your warmest coat, sipping tea and eating biscuits.

Fragments Series

The following are a series a videos which were filmed and edited by me. The concept was simple: I simply strung together a series of moments, fragments, from my life. All of these videos were captured in China, mostly in Changchun.







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